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Astrology and the awakening of Kundalini

July 1, 2010

It is important for us to know the relation between the Planets and various Chakras.

1. Kundalini – Rahu.
2. Muladhar Chakra – Venus.
3. Swadhisthan Chakra – Mars.
4. Manipur Chakra – Sun.
5. Anahat (Heart) Chakra – Jupiter.
6. Vishuddha (Throat) Chakra – Mercury.
7. Agnya (Third Eye) Chakra – Moon.
8. Sahastradhar Chakra – Saturn.
9. Ojas (Samadhi) – Ketu.

Planetary conditions in Horoscope responsible for Kundalini Awakening: –

1. Square, Trine, Parivartan, Conjunction orĀ  Opposition between Jupiter & Sun, Moon or Rahu.
2. Square, Trine, Parivartan, Conjunction, Opposition or Aspect of Venus with Jupiter or Saturn.
3. Jupiter in 8th House, or related with 8th House or more planets in 8th House.
4. Square, Trine, Parivartan, Conjunction, Opposition or Aspect of Venus with the Lord of 10th House.

In a Horoscope, if the number of conditions applicable is either one or more, then Kundalini Awakening becomes easier. If Rahu falls in a fiery or airy sign in the Horoscope, it is believed that the person progresses quickly towards the Divine power. One is likely to get some Siddhi too. For getting Diksha from a Satpurush (Saint), it is important to have a favorable Moon & Saturn in transit. Also Jupiter & Venus should not be in conjunction with Sun at the time of Diksha. This is how one can figure out how far he or she is astrologically capable of Addhyaatm (a divine life) & the extent of his or her success.

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Santosh Deuskar
Celebrity Astrologer
The Ganeshaspeaks Team

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