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Mangal Dosha-How Terrible it can be?

March 29, 2010

Most people believe that Manglik Dosha is dangerous, but it is far from being a fact. There are 12 Houses in a horoscope and if Mars is in the 1st, 2nd (according to some astrologers of south India), 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th House, then is said to be in Mangal dosha. So out of the 12 Houses, there are 6 Houses wherein the effect of Mars can be negative. Hence, the ratio of Mangliks to non-Mangliks is 50:50 and if you exclude 2nd House, it comes out to be 60:40.

In reality, Mars is a planet that makes one bold. It also makes the person dominating, aggressive and quarrelsome. And its presence in the 7th House induces quarrels between a husband and wife. It is a planet that over increases the sex drive in a person. All these factors can create a hostile atmosphere in marital problems. The notion that a Mangal Dosha in a person’s horoscope leads to his/her partner’s death is not entirely true. It only happens in a case where Mars is heavily afflicted and there are more than two afflictions to the 7th House.

According to some astrologers – Mars loses its power after a person crosses 28. And that is the reason why some astrologers ask Mangliks to marry only after that age. But logic says otherwise. Mars will show its effect in its period.

The best way to reduce the Mars Dosha is to match the horoscopes of both the person and his/her partner. Mars, in the same position, will surely reduce the Dosha but will not nullify it completely.

In most cases, if the boy and girl are both Mangliks, then the effect of Mangal Dosha is nullified without considering the House which houses Mars in both their horoscopes. But, just the presence of Mangal Dosha in both horoscopes will not reduce the effect of Mangal dosha. Mars should be present in the same House. The effect of Mars is different in different Houses and in different signs.

Mars, in first House, makes one bold, aggressive and dominating. The person will most likely be short tempered. He will remain tensed more often than not. A tendency to be rash is also seen in such people.

Mars, in second House, makes one acrimonious. And the condition may worsen when he/she is angry. They also lose out on the social and financial fronts on account of this anomaly. Mars aspects the 8th House from here, so it also affects the family and age of spouse.

4th House is the House of comforts and happiness. Mars’ presence in this House reduces happiness in marital relations as it aspects the 7th House by its 4th aspect. It also disturbs peace and happiness in the person’s domestic life. It may make him/her jealous of his/her brothers or sisters, which normally happens due to his/her spouse.

In the 7th House, Mars’ presence is worse than its aspect. Such a person’s spouse may suffer from his/her partner’s violent streaks. The emotional and sexual needs of the person may also not match his/her partner’s. In some cases, it also causes intercaste marriage.

Mars, in 8th House, indicates a short life of the person’s spouse. It will kill the bonhomie between the boy’s and girl’s families and also disturb the peace between their families. Afflicted Mars also indicates an extravagant partner. 8th House is the House of secrets. Mars, in 8th House, indicates the spouse being secretive. This may trouble their marital relation.

12th House is the House for losses and carnal pleasures. And a discord in married couples on these points may cripple the harmony in their relation.

According to some astrologers, exalted Mars or Mars in its own House or a benefic Mars does not produce Mars Dosha but if it does produce the Dosha, Mars will not show its negative effect. Strength of Mars should be considered while observing Mars Dosha.

As said earlier, Mars’ presence in 6 Houses out of 12 causes one to suffer from the negative effect of Mars. Mars will not have the same impact on every person. Moreover, people’s belief that Mars Dosha indicates an untimely and accidental death of the partner is not true in every case. This happens only when Mars is afflicted.

Perfect horoscope matching reduces the effect of Mars in life of married couples. It will not entirely nullify the negative effect of Mars but may reduce its effect to some extent. If Venus and Moon are in 2nd House or even one of them is present in the 2nd House, then the effect of Mars reduces to some extent. It is also observed that this does not help every one.

Aspect of Jupiter on Mars on 7th House has its effect too. Jupiter is planet of wisdom and righteousness. And it may alleviate the pain to a certain extent, that is, the problems exist but they remain hidden within the four walls of house. In case of more than two afflictions, even Jupiter may not prove to be advantageous.

It is also said that if Saturn and Mars are present in same House in the partner?s horoscope, it reduces the Mars Dosha. But its effect too is less.

If Rahu and Mars are conjunct and if Mars is the owner of the same House i.e. if Mars is placed in Aries or Scorpio Ascendant or if Mars is placed in the signs of Taurus or Cancer in the 7th House. All these combinations reduce the affliction to some extent but do not nullify it.

Actual reduction of affliction can be done by the matching the horoscopes of boy and girl with respect to the placement of Mars according to Ascendant, Moon and Venus. There are many more factors to be considered while matching the birth charts for marriage.

The above results are based on the facts which were brought out after conducting research on many birth charts.

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